Benefits of a Disability Lawyer vs Advocate

Ask before you choose.

For your Social Security disability claim, not everyone who says they will help with your case is actually an attorney. Some are non-attorney “advocates” or paralegals.

If you’re not certain, ask before you choose someone to help you.

Why is having an actual Disability Lawyer important?

An attorney has a law degree with training for complex legal matters, such as administrative law, which is the type of law used by Social Security. An attorney is trained in preparing and presenting evidence, cross examining witnesses, and in writing complicated legal briefs about your case.

Only a disability lawyer can file ALL the appeals for your case.

If you are denied benefits by Social Security, you are entitled to a number of appeals. At some point, you may need to appeal to the United States Federal Court. An experienced lawyer knows how to do that. On the other hand, an advocate or paralegal is not allowed to practice in Federal Court.

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