Central Washington Loss of Earning Power (LEP) Benefits

If You’re Injured on the Job in Central Washington and No Longer Able to Earn Your Previously Higher Wage, Let Bothwell & Hamill Help You Obtain LEP Benefits

There’s nothing quite as stressful as getting injured or sick because of your job, and becoming unable to work as a result. As you may know, the Labor & Industry (L&I) claims process is difficult to navigate, and it can take weeks or months for you to get the L&I benefits that you deserve and need to keep food on your table and a roof over your head.

But sooner than later, you’re doctor will clear you to return to work. You can finally start making a living again!

However, some Central Washington workers are disappointed to learn that while they can return to work, their doctors are only clearing them to work for fewer hours per week or for lower-paying, light duty work. Suddenly, you’re medically able to work, but your earning power in Central Washington has declined dramatically. How are you supposed to make ends meet when you’re no longer bringing home the big paycheck that you used to?

Get the Loss Of Earning Benefits You Deserve

Thankfully, the state of Washington understands that you’re going to have trouble making ends meet if your work-related injury or illness is now preventing you from earning as much money as you used to make in the past.

If you’re medically cleared to return to work, but at a lower hourly rate or for fewer hours per week, you may be entitled to Loss of Earning Power (LEP) benefits from the L&I. According to the L&I, you may be eligible for loss of earning power benefits if:

  • You have a loss of earning power exceeding 5% of the wages you used to earn before you were injured;
  • Your doctor has certified that your loss of earning power is due to your work-related illness or injury; and
  • You actually return to work at the lower wage or amount of hours.

Additionally, you may be eligible for LEP benefits if you had two or more jobs at the time of your injury, but your doctor has told you that you can no longer perform one of those jobs (even if the job you can’t perform isn’t the job you were injured on).

Calculate Your LEP Benefit Estimate

Payment Period

NOTE: This calculator is only valid for injuries occurring after July 1, 1996.


$ $ $——


Curious how we got this number?

This number is based on the Max Time Loss Rates chart and the Loss Of Earning Power Guidelines from the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries.

Call Bothwell and Hamill for Help

Just like it’s difficult to file for L&I benefits when you’re first injured or become ill because of your job, it can be very complicated to prove to the state that you actually qualify for LEP benefits, and to determine how much money in LEP benefits you’ll receive. If you were injured on the job and are now making less money because of it, we highly recommend you call the experienced L&I attorneys at Bothwell and Hamill at (888) 966-8045 for help securing loss of earning power benefits.