Help for Social Security Disability & Workers’ Comp in Central Washington

Get the Benefits You Need to Reclaim Your Life

You can’t work anymore because of serious health problems. Or you’ve been sidelined by a serious injury or illness on the job.

Your life is disrupted. You’re running out of money.

Regular checks from Social Security Disability — or Workers’ Compensation benefits from the Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) — sure would ease your stress and improve your life. And you’ve earned the right to receive them.

But winning benefits is hard.

These are special areas of the law, with their own rules, courts, judges and systems for deciding who gets benefits.

It’s unlike anything you’ve had to deal with, but you can get a disability lawyer or Workers’ Comp lawyer who works with these systems all the time to help you win benefits.

At the Bothwell & Hamill law firm, we help people in Yakima, Kennewick, Sunnyside, Richland, Ellensburg, Wenatchee, Walla Walla and all across Central Washington. We’re also disability lawyers for Seattle and Spokane.

If you can’t work, let us go to work to get you benefits.

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Yakima woman smiles after getting support for her Social Security Disability claim from Bothwell & Hamill

Get Support in the Disability Application Process

You worked hard, and you’re proud of your work. Given the choice between working to earn a living and staying home with severe medical problems, you’d pick working every time.

Because of all your hard work, however, you’ve earned financial benefits in the event that bad health makes work impossible.

You paid into the Social Security Disability system with every paycheck. These benefits are reserved for when you’re forced to leave your job for an extended period, but you’re not ready for Social Security retirement.

Disability benefits provide monthly checks to help you pay for basic expenses, like keeping food on the table and a roof over your head. They can help restore peace to your life.

But applying is complicated. Most people get denied and have to appeal.

Our Central Washington, Spokane and Seattle disability lawyers have decades of experience helping disability applicants get through this process.

At Bothwell & Hamill, we ease the burden on you so you can focus on your health. You can start working with us by getting a FREE EVALUATION of your case.

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Kennewick man happy after Tim Hamill fights for

Get Someone to Fight for Your Labor & Industries Benefits

When you work in Washington State, you have financial protection in case you get hurt on the job.

Workers’ Comp, overseen by L&I, is supposed to provide quick access to the medical care you need.

If you can’t work, you should also get payments to make up for a large portion of the pay you’re losing thanks to your workplace injury.

This is the deal you get in exchange for your hard work and dedication in our state. It doesn’t matter if anyone was at fault in your accident. If your injury happened at work, you’re entitled to benefits.

But sometimes, the system puts obstacles in the way of you getting benefits.

The Workers’ Compensation lawyers at Bothwell & Hamill can get you through this process, whether you need to apply for Workers’ Comp benefits, or appeal a denial.

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Elderly Yakima man wonders if he qualifies for Social Security Disability benefits.

How the Bothwell & Hamill Disability Lawyers Help You

In the disability application process or the Workers’ Comp claims process, you can get backing from the Bothwell & Hamill law firm.

With our Social Security Disability attorneys and work injury attorneys supporting you, you get:

  • Help filling out complicated forms
  • Help gathering your key medical evidence
  • Someone to explain your case in human terms
  • Someone to keep you on top of important steps and deadlines
  • Someone to negotiate with insurance companies
  • A guide to local health care and government offices in Washington
  • Someone to help you prepare before you go to a hearing
  • A representative by your side when you’re in your hearing
  • Most of all, someone who listens, understands and fights for you

For disability cases, you PAY NO ATTORNEY FEE UNTIL YOU WIN, so the risk for you in getting a disability attorney is low—but the disability application process is easier and you can get the best possible chance of winning benefits.

After the rude interruption of medical conditions and injuries, we want to see you get the security you need to move forward with your life.

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Yakima Disability Lawyers: Attorney Tom Bothwell.

Tom Bothwell

Social Security Disability Attorney

When you can’t work and you work with Tom Bothwell, you’re getting a lawyer with more experience helping people win Social Security Disability benefits than any other attorney in Central Washington.

He’s been doing this for over 40 years.

Yakima Disability Lawyers: Attorney Tim Hamill.

Tim Hamill

Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you’ve suffered a workplace illness or injury in Washington State, get a lawyer who understands what you’re up against with L&I.

Tim Hamill used to be a Washington State assistant attorney general. He represented L&I in Workers’ Comp cases. He knows how to win your case.

Yakima woman happy after Bothwell & Hamill helped her win Social Security Disability benefits

I am very pleased with Timothy Hamill's service. I feel that his office went over and beyond the call of duty to help me with my case.”


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