You have a right to a workers’ comp lawyer.

If you’re injured on the job, you have the right to a Workers’ Comp lawyer to guide you through the complicated paperwork, appeals and deadlines.

I’m Tim Hamill of Bothwell and Hamill.

Don’t let your claims manager be the only person deciding your benefits. Let me fight to get you all that you deserve.

Your Well-Being Is At Stake; Get High-Caliber Help

When you’ve experienced an injury at work or an illness caused by conditions at work, workers’ comp benefits can be a lifeline.

Getting your medical care paid for or receiving a portion of your lost wages can save you financially, give you stability and help you recover and move on with your life.

You need to know this: When you’re filing or appealing for benefits, some people who say they’ll help are not actually attorneys. Some are non-attorney “advocates” or paralegals.

If it’s not clear, make sure to ask whether someone’s an attorney before you choose them to help you.

Workers’ comp, as overseen by the Washington Department of Labor & Industries, has its own laws, doctors, courts and judges.

This is about your life and financial independence. Don’t settle for anyone other than a lawyer with deep knowledge of this system.

Let the attorneys at Bothwell & Hamill go to work to get you benefits.

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How Does a Lawyer Make a Difference?

These are the experiences a lawyer brings to your case that other advocates don’t have:

  • A law degree
  • Training and experience in complex legal matters
  • Training in preparing and presenting evidence
  • Training in cross-examining witnesses
  • Training in writing complicated legal briefs

And at Bothwell & Hamill, we don’t charge anything for you to talk to us about your case so we can help determine what’s best for you.

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How Experienced Is Tim Hamill With Workers’ Comp?

Attorney Tim Hamill spent almost 10 years as an assistant attorney general in Washington — representing L&I.

He worked in every level of the workers’ comp court system. And for more than 12 years now, he’s worked on the side of injured workers, not L&I.

He fights for your rights after you’ve been hurt at work.

Tim knows what you’re up against with L&I, what to expect and how to make a successful claim.

He will personally handle your workers’ comp case, keep you updated in plain language and take the fear out of dealing with a complicated system.

His mission is making sure you’re treated with dignity and respect.

Bothwell & Hamill helps people in Yakima, Kennewick, Sunnyside, Spokane, Richland, Ellensburg, Wenatchee, Walla Walla and across Central Washington.

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More Questions?

You might have a lot of questions. Bothwell & Hamill has answers.

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Yakima man who won workers' comp with the help of Tim Hamill

I appreciate that Mr. Hamill took my case when the other attorneys in the area would not. He has helped me obtain the funds due me from L&I.”


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