L&I Injury Claim Reviews from Bothwell & Hamill Clients

It’s a complicated situation when you’ve been hurt at work, you need medical treatment, and you might miss work time and income . And it’s a complicated decision to choose a workers’ compensation lawyer to help you recover financially.

When you face an interruption to your career, workers’ comp benefits, run by the Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) in Washington State, can help you maintain the lifestyle you worked hard to build.

But people often get denied, cut off or shortchanged. A workers’ comp lawyer can help. Make sure to listen to past clients who’ve already experienced an attorney’s services before you make your decision.

Bothwell & Hamill helps workers in Yakima, Kennewick, Sunnyside, Spokane, Richland, Ellensburg, Wenatchee, Walla Walla, and all across Central Washington, secure their maximum L&I benefits.

Keep reading for comments and reviews from some of those workers.

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“If you have suffered any type of on the job injury, you absolutely NEED these people in your corner! I suffered a repeated injury, and the first couple of times I went at it alone. I had no idea how many benefits I missed simply because I didn’t even know to ask. L&I is NOT your friend. Bothwell & Hamill WILL have your best interests at heart, and will go to the wall for you. Frankly, it’s one of the smartest things I’ve ever done for myself!”

--Rick Gale in Google Reviews

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“Very professional and amazing work done. The attorney pushes himself to get your case the very best attention and care for your injuries like no other. . . . As a client of his, his team took excellent care of me and my needs and the outcome was 100 percent to my satisfaction. I recommend (Bothwell & Hamill) to anyone needing legal help due to an injury at work. The attorneys are very knowledgeable about L&I cases and the needs of an injured worker. You are not alone. Bothwell & Hamill is here. . . . You will not be disappointed. The best thing of all is they treat you like family, always with a welcoming smile from the secretaries and all team members. You do matter in this law firm. The first step to getting all the help you need is a phone call away.”

--Gaby S. in Google Reviews

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“My father was represented by this firm. He suffered an accident on the job and they represented him and gave him his dignity back at the lowest point of his life. They made him feel like a person, and what happened to him mattered. They won his case and he was able to get the treatment that he deserved to recover. Our entire family is grateful for what they were able to do for him. Definitely recommend their services to everyone in need!”

--Freddy Fernandez in Google Reviews

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“I’m very pleased with the assistance that was provided to me by Bothwell & Hamill. They’ve helped me diligently throughout my whole process. I would definitely recommend them to anyone dealing with work-related injuries.”

--Juan Diaz in Google Reviews

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“They have had my back the entire time, helping to make sure I understand all that is going on with my claim. Sam and Mr. Hamill are very helpful. Best attorney for L&I claims.”

--Katrina Dale in Google Reviews

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“When I was first injured at work, I tried to navigate L&I by myself. The amount of paperwork was absolutely overwhelming. Not only was I worried about keeping everything straight, I was worried about healing so I could go back to work. Half way through my first injury, I went to Mr. Hamill. The amount of stress and worry . . . was instantly off my plate. I focused on healing and getting back to work.”

--Jamiedonn11 in Google Reviews

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