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Woman happy after winning Social Security Disability benefits in Ellensburg

Get Help Winning Benefits in Ellensburg

If you live in Ellensburg and can’t work because of bad health — or you experienced an injury or illness on the job — the law firm of Bothwell & Hamill has an office nearby that can help you win the benefits you need.

Social Security Disability benefits or workers’ compensation benefits under the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) can give you financial relief and let you focus on your health and your life.

The Yakima office of Bothwell & Hamill is just minutes away from the Social Security Administration office, making it convenient for you to get legal representation for your disability claim.

We’re centrally located in the heart of Yakima, on Summitview Avenue.

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Ellensburg couple gets help from a Social Security Disability attorney

Don’t Face Tough Social Security Judges Alone

When Ellensburg residents need to see a Social Security administrative law judge about their disability benefits, they typically talk to a judge based in Spokane.

And the Spokane judges are tough. They only approved benefits about 50% of the time as of late 2017.

It can take about 18 months for Social Security judges in Washington to even get to your case.

But Social Security’s numbers have shown that your chances are better with an experienced attorney than if you try to obtain benefits on your own.

It’s even more important to have professional representation when you have a hearing with a judge.

Because of the work, the wait and everything that’s at stake, don’t take any chances with your case. Get an experienced lawyer.

The attorneys at Bothwell & Hamill charge you nothing to evaluate your situation.

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Ellensburg man meets with local workers' comp attorney

Make Sure to Get a
Local Attorney

When you get a local attorney, like Tim Hamill or Tom Bothwell of Bothwell & Hamill, you get someone who knows the particulars about how the Social Security Disability system or workers’ comp system works locally.

Tim and Tom have many years of experience with the local doctors, Social Security offices and judges.

They also know the community and its citizens. They value connecting with you on a personal level, understanding your unique situation and tailoring their approach to you.

The attorneys at Bothwell & Hamill will cut through the complex legal terminology and make sure you’re well informed about your case.

If you’re in Ellensburg and dealing with serious health problems or workplace injuries that make it impossible to work, talk to Bothwell & Hamill.

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