Yakima man speaks to lawyer about appealing a workers' comp denial

But just because the workers’ comp system denies your benefits, it doesn’t mean you should give up. You can appeal.

A Bothwell & Hamill attorney can help you through this process.

We help people in Yakima, Kennewick, Sunnyside, Spokane, Richland, Ellensburg, Wenatchee, Walla Walla and across Central Washington.

Let us go to work to get you benefits.

I Was Denied. Is There Still a Way to Get Benefits?

After working hard for your employer — maybe giving them years of your life — it can be crushing to hear you won’t get help after suffering an injury or illness on the job.

After all, workers’ comp benefits to cover your medical care, your lost wages or counseling to return to work might be just what you need to get through a difficult time.

You can be rejected several ways:

  • You’re denied benefits entirely.
  • You’re granted lower benefits than you should receive.
  • You get your existing benefits terminated.

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Yakima woman denied workers' comp

Why Was I Denied?

Workers’ comp — overseen in Washington State by the Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) — has its own laws, doctors, courts and judges.

Receiving and maintaining benefits can get complicated. One of the most common reasons you might be denied is that your doctor was unable to report that your medical condition resulted from your job.

You can feel like an underdog fighting an overwhelming system.

A lawyer who works with this system all the time can take much of the stress — and work — out of it, so you can focus on recovery.

And at Bothwell & Hamill, we don’t charge anything for you to talk to us about your case so we can determine why you were denied and how best to proceed.

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Yakima man looks up how to appeal a workers' comp denial

How Do I Appeal?

To fight a workers’ comp denial, you’ll need to take your appeal to the Washington Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals.

Important: You must protest or appeal an unfavorable decision within 60 days — or the decision is final.

At this stage, we strongly recommend that you work with an experienced lawyer, like Tim Hamill of Bothwell & Hamill, who has represented both L&I and individuals in workers’ comp cases.

You’ll need to collect information and evidence about your injury, medical history and work history.

Our attorneys will work closely with you, your doctors and your L&I claim manager to build a strong case.

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More Questions?

You might have a lot of questions. Bothwell & Hamill has answers.

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Yakima man happy after winning workers' comp with the help of Tim Hamill

Tim went to the board with me and won my case…Tim Hamill made sure I got my full-time loss compensation benefits and will help you in the same way!!”


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