Yakima man needs Social Security Disability benefits to reclaim his life

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You lived through a traumatic event. Maybe it was an accident, a natural disaster, a violent crime or anything else of that nature. Now, it haunts you.

The stress, the fear, the flashbacks and nightmares are almost too much. These symptoms have made working impossible.

If you’re suffering from these symptoms, you aren’t alone. You could be one of the millions of Americans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

And if your PTSD has forced you out of a job, you could be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. These monthly checks are designed for people in your position—who can’t work because of significant health problems.

The last thing you need is financial stress on top of everything you’re going through.

Sadly, winning these benefits can be tough. Most applicants are denied on their first attempt.

At Bothwell & Hamill, our experienced lawyers know you’re going through a tough time. That’s why we treat with you respect and get to know you and your situation personally. We’ll never treat you like just another case file.

The most important part? We know how to make your case as strong as possible so you can get the benefits you need.

If you’re in Yakima, Kennewick or anywhere in Central Washington, get in touch today to get your case started.

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Do I Qualify for Benefits with PTSD?

Unfortunately, you can’t just tell Social Security you have PTSD. You have to prove it.

You’ll have to show your symptoms through hospital records, doctor’s reports, supporting testimonials and more.

Some symptoms that could qualify you:

  • You relive your traumatic experience through extreme flashbacks, nightmares or memories.
  • You have mood and behavior disturbances.
  • Your stress interferes with your daily life because of problems like hyper-alertness, avoiding situations that remind you of your trauma and sleep problems.
  • Your PTSD makes it difficult or impossible for you to function at work because you have difficulty concentrating, processing information and interacting with others.
  • PTSD has negatively impacted your social life.

If your symptoms don’t exactly line up with those, don’t lose hope. Here’s what you’ll have to prove to Social Security:

  • Your PTSD makes working impossible.
  • You’re unable to change your line of work.
  • Your condition will force you to miss at least a year of work or more.

We know it can be a confusing process. We can answer any questions you have, and we’ll even evaluate your case for free.

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How We Can Help You

You don’t have to go through this alone.

If you’ve received a denial, it can feel like the end. But it’s not.

Remember: most people are denied on their initial application. Fortunately, Social Security has a multi-step appeals process with chances to win at every juncture.

Your best opportunity comes at a hearing with an administrative law judge (ALJ). It’s your only chance to plead your case in person.

In fact, the government’s own statistics show you’re three times as likely to win benefits at an appeals hearing if you hire representation.

At Bothwell & Hamill, we just want to see you win the benefits you deserve. We’re proud to represent our neighbors in Yakima, Kennewick, Sunnyside, Spokane, Richland, Ellensburg, Wenatchee, Walla Walla and all across Central Washington.

Let us help you today.

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More Questions?

You might have a lot of questions. Bothwell & Hamill has answers.

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Yakima man who won Social Security Disability benefits with the help of Tom Bothwell.

Mr. Bothwell and his staff were not only knowledgeable and to the point, but took the time to answer all of my questions and kept in touch with me during the entire process.”


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