Yakima man needs to win Social Security Disability benefits to stay afloat.

Make the Right Moves and Get the Benefits You Deserve

You want to work. You’re just unable to do your job because of severe health conditions. Now you’re having trouble paying your bills.

You know that if you could start receiving Social Security Disability benefits, your life would be so much easier. The monthly checks would give you stability. But the disability process is complicated and confusing.

You have to fill out so many forms and provide so much proof. A small mistake in your application could lead to a benefits denial or delay.

An experienced disability attorney can help you avoid mistakes. Keep reading for five of the most common mistakes we see at our Social Security Disability law firm.

Bothwell & Hamill has helped thousands of people win benefits for years in Yakima, Kennewick, Sunnyside, Spokane, Richland, Ellensburg, Wenatchee, Walla Walla and across Central Washington.

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The 5 Social Security Disability Mistakes

We see them all the time, but it’s entirely possible to avoid these mistakes:

Mistake No. 1: Thinking You’re Not Eligible for Benefits

As long as your health problems have gotten so bad that you haven’t worked for at least a year or you won’t be able to, you could qualify for benefits. That includes mental health conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety and bipolar disorder.

Mistake No. 2: Not Seeking Consistent Medical Care

When applying for Social Security Disability, you have to prove that you have a qualifying impairment by providing your exam reports, test results and other information from your doctor. If you’re not consistently treating your condition, you may lack the evidence you need to win benefits. You should always follow your doctor’s orders, take medications and go to specialists as needed.

Mistake No. 3: Working While Claiming a Disability

If you’re still working while claiming you have a disability, your claim is at risk of getting denied. Even a small amount of earnings can hurt your claim. It’s best not to earn money while your case is still pending.

Mistake No. 4: Giving Up When You Get Denied

The truth is that the majority of people are denied benefits. If you’ve been denied, it doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel. Instead, you can appeal and still win. Appealing can be a chance to correct mistakes, strengthen your evidence and argue that Social Security made a mistake.

Mistake No. 5: Not Getting Help from a Social Security Disability Lawyer

While you may try to go it alone, you can improve your chances of being approved for benefits if you have a disability lawyer. And it’s low-risk for you because you don’t pay a lawyer fee until you win benefits.

You can start getting help on building your best claim for benefits by getting a FREE CASE CONSULTATION from Bothwell & Hamill.

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Tips for a Strong Social Security Disability Application

When you’re filling out all the forms and sending all the documents, you want your application to be:

  • Accurate: Don’t exaggerate your health problems—but don’t downplay them either.
  • Thorough: Including medical evidence from doctor visits is extremely important.
  • Timely: Apply as soon as you know you can’t work. Waiting can reduce your back benefits.

Rather than worrying about getting everything right, get the disability lawyers at Bothwell & Hamill to handle your application for you.

Don’t take chances with your chance at getting financial relief—and a greater sense of peace.

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More Questions?

You might have a lot of questions. Bothwell & Hamill has answers.

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Mr. Bothwell and his staff were not only knowledgeable and to the point, but took the time to answer all of my questions and kept in touch with me during the entire process.”


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